The Pawn Rook Four

The Pawn Rook Four

Songs for A Romantic Evening

Super 6

This 8-song, 29 minute CD is very schmoove pop. The kind with keyboards and backing vocals and horns, and yes, even strings. Even though I’m not a huge fan of violins (there’s cello on one song, too) on pop records, it isn’t overdone, the strings are on 3 songs (and the horns on 2 others). The production is good, the keyboard sounds used are not cheesy. Of course, I’m a distortion pedal man, but fortunately, the PR4 remember to use one, several of the songs have a crunchy guitar that comes in to move things along and keep things from getting too sedate.

And the lyrics actually convey some thoughts (besides the typical love stuff) and are well sung. Not to be confused with more well-known “Gainesville pop” bands. Better. What’s not to like?

Super 6,, P.O. Box 14021, Gainesville, FL 32604;

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