The Pills

The Pills

Wide Awake With


It’s rather ironic that the Pills named their album Wide Awake With when I’ve actually found myself rendered a bit of an insomniac for the last couple days, thanks to a song of theirs that just refuses to leave my head. “The Devil’s Song” is the title of my sleeplessness. It’s your classic goofy break-up song to the likes of Nerf Herder’s “Sorry,” full of energy, pseudo-anger, a quick ska-beat interlude, and sing-along goodness. In fact, about half of this album is just as lethally catchy, with enough hooks to catch a sea of fish.

The Pills are floating somewhere in the indie-rock realm, borrowing occasionally from pop-punk but always including a touch of their own. This album is really just plain fun, with clever lyrics functioning primarily as dumb love songs. Their fast-paced distorted guitars aren’t there just to make noise, either. There’s a distinct feel that each song carries with it that, to be honest, just makes me want to run around the room in some kind of frenzied romp.

There really isn’t a bad thing I can say about this album. It’s nothing life-changing, granted, but it’s a lot of fun for indie-rock and pop-punk fans alike. This is just one pretty goofy band with one damn entertaining album. And after these songs implant themselves in your head, you’ll wonder how you ever went on without them.

Monolyth Record Group, P.O. Box 990980, Boston, MA 02199-0980;

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