The Vindictives

The Vindictives

Partytime for Assholes


Throughout the ’90s, the Vindictives have arisen as the cream of the crap in the Ramones rip-off war, stuffing its noses full of snot and carrying a bigger chip on its shoulders than most punk bands would deem safe, led by the nasal-toned loudmouth Joey Vindictive all the while. The fittingly titled Partytime for Assholes appears to be the Vindictives’ crowning opus, offering 25 covers of the band’s favorite songs, which range from the well known (Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World”) to the obscure (the Sonics’ “Strychnine”). No matter how stylistically disparate the covers might be, the band chugs through them with the utmost aplomb, making each song characteristically “Vindictive” – party up, assholes!

Liberation, PO Box 17746, Anaheim, CA 92817

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