Urban Legends

Urban Legends

Urban Legends


Urban Legends (sole songwriter/instrumentalist Hutch Harris) make like not-too-distant cousins of Starflyer 59 on its eponymous debut, crafting downered guitar pop that’s none too limp-wristed and wimpy for its own good. Teary-eyed, if not a bit twee, Urban Legends pound ‘n’ pump out simple chord and rhythm patterns that inform its laments of girls ‘n’ stuff with a directness of design and plaintiveness, making the sensitive boy sensibilities a bit more muscular in the process. Whereas Starflyer layers its songs with feedback qua effects pedals, Harris inconspicuously keeps his foot firmly attached to the distortion pedal, ever ready to give that twang some extra crunch. Tastefully low-key and unassuming, Urban Legends wanders a pop path few care to traverse and, thankfully, sidesteps the Belle & Sebastian fork-in-the-road, which would be grounds for execution.

AudioInformationPhenomena, 1625 Oakwood Dr., San Mateo, CA 94403; http://www.aiprecords.com

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