Urban Legends

Urban Legends

Urban Legends


I can’t remember how this ended up in my review stack. Recollection of how it became the only CD in my car is hazy, but I do know that it was circumstantial, and not because it was the only thing I wanted to listen to at the time. But as time passed and the player kept making that skittering pause between the end of a disc and its beginning, the minimal beauty of these songs — guitars, drums and bass percolating miscellaneous riffs together behind an effected voice — it became a voluntary matter. Shades of prissy precision and introspective lyrics tell me this might be a hit with the “emo” crowd, but I would hardly classify it as such. Good stuff.

AudioInformationPhenomena, 1625 Oakwood Drive, San Mate, CA 94403; http://www.aiprecords.com

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