Yoyo a Go Go

Yoyo a Go Go

Another Live Compilation


It’s been so long since the last Yoyo record we’d received, I’d forgotten what a rare treat releases on this label are. This is a recording of music from a festival in the summer of 1997, in Yoyo’s home town of Olympia, Washington. As such, it’s filled almost past the brim with music associated with the area, a sort of sparse, emotional rock (though not all the bands are from there). Big names a-plenty: Elliott Smith, Built To Spill, Lois, Sleater-Kinney, Modest Mouse, Mecca Normal and Dub Narcotic Sound System. The lesser names interest me more. Little Red Car Wreck’s “Crashing Cars” is a nice, affectionate ditty about substandard transportation, and Loud Machine 0.5’s “Loud Machine” has plenty going for it, from the riff-heavy layer dip of fuzz bass, guitar and saxophone to the vocalist constant repetition of “Roud Machine” (are they Japanese?). An excellent collection.

Yoyo Recordings, P.O. Box 2462, Olympia, WA 98507

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