Zero Parade

Zero Parade

Zero Parade

ACME Entertainment

Zero Parade is one of those bands that falls somewhere in that middle of the road category. They aren’t a great band, but they certainly aren’t a bad band. Perhaps “decent” is the best descriptive word.

They plow through basic guitar pop-rock territory, paying musical homage to the likes of Matthew Sweet, the Chills, 3 Lb. Thrill, or maybe even Stone Temple Pilots. There’s a bit of jangly not-quite-Brit pop tunes at times as well.

The biggest problem is that most of the album doesn’t stick in your head. The tunes are generally catchy enough; it’s just that they don’t show quite enough distinction between them to separate themselves clearly. Additionally, while they do show some backing and harmony vocal promise, Zero Parade has a frontman with a fairly marginal vocal ability.

Zero Parade is a thoroughly listenable enough album filled with nicely crafted — if rather formulaic — pop songs. Even those that start off slightly different generally dissipate into a routine strummed chord structure pretty quickly. But, hey, sometimes even plain vanilla ice cream can be a refreshing change.

ACME Entertainment, P.O. Box 81491, Chicago, IL 60681,

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