No Hidden Agendas

No Hidden Agendas

On behalf of the entire band, I would like to thank you for the great review [of runforyerlife’s self-titled debut -Ed.]. I just read it today, and was pleased to read a review that was sincerely praising and critical for all the right reasons.

I wanted to respond to the third paragraph, regarding political or religious agendas that come along with music. There is no such “agenda” with runforyerlife. Our goal as a band is to make great music and to have fun while doing it. Placing Psalm 100 in our record insert was simply and plainly to thank the God in whom we believe. We are wary, like you, of bands with their agendas. The music seems to be secondary to their message, and as a consequence, the music often suffers. But runforyerlife is a band of musicians, not preachers. We want simply to make great music.

Thank you again for the review. Please understand that I am writing in agreement with your views, and also to clarify the intentions of runforyerlife. If you would like to respond, feel free to write back.

Thank you for your time and understanding.


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Jason Feifer responds: Thanks for dropping a line! As I said in the review, I wouldn’t have even noticed (well, sans Psalm 100) that your band was religious if it weren’t for the bio comparing you to the Supertones and bands of the like. I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that the music becomes secondary when bands come with agendas, and I certainly didn’t feel yours did. And it certainly is nice to hear a ska band sing about something more than beer or pot every so often! But thank you for clearing up the religious affiliation, as I was a bit unclear on the whole situation when I wrote the review. Hope to see you in MA or FL sometime!

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