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Well, it worked, and by golly, they fixed it. Oh boy, did they ever.

All of my bookmarked pages return invalid (why, exactly, do these goofs simply THROW AWAY perfectly good web addresses instead of just changing the content of said same addresses?), and the replacement pages may, or may not, take up the slack. Most of the time they don’t.

And now there’s even MORE advertising crap bordering your weather info. Great, huh? Oh yeah, did I mention that the shit takes TWICE as long to load as it used to?

I can see all of them now, sitting there in an air conditioned room, having never EVER in their lives actually having set foot outside. Out there where there’s people who smell funny. Out there where fer chrissakes it just might RAIN on you.

“Well… whatta you say Louie?”

“We’re not making enough money.”

“OK, let’s just shrink the page a little, cram more adverts into the margins, tell the rubes in the sticks that it’s all a major improvement in the service, and be done with it.”

“Great idea, Vinnie. You da man.”

So I send them some e-mail, indicating that one of their even-slower-to-load-than-before web pages is returning MONTHS old data like some kind of Twilight Zone script. They reply with a canned piece of shit, advising me that they’re “hard at work at it” and supplying me with a whole slew of their sub-web pages, all of which I already saved and none of which address my problem. The fucks. I shall take my business elsewhere, I shall. The web’s a big place and there are plenty of other sources of information, especially the damned local weather. Fuck you, Intellicast!

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