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Country.Com’s Century Of Country


Dreamworks Records

Finally! Swag from Ian I can use! This nifty disc is chock full of handy information on most of the performers that gave rise to the great American art form of country music. Hundreds of performers are profiled; thousands of label, performer, and industry addresses are given, which is a godsend. It seems to be rather complete, and balanced – Gram Parsons gets as much digital ink as Dolly Parton, which is close to how it should be. If you have a yen for learning more about this wonderful music, or if you work in the industry, then you should pick this encyclopedia up. Granted, I could have done without the tacked on music clips from the likes of Linda Davis and The Prince of Egypt – Nashville , but that’s mainly because I’m a grump. Great for settling bar fights in honky-tonks.

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