30 Lincoln

30 Lincoln


Johann’s Face

On its debut album, Avanti , 30 Lincoln rocks sweaty ‘n’ sassy like the much-improved Makers, but as conveyed by their weightier (as in “emotionally”) melodies, with a bit more on their minds than boozing and dressing up; if you will, call the handsome quartet nervier, but be well aware: there’s no pussyfootin’ going on here. Likewise, the band is not adverse to getting rolling-stoned on goat’s head soup, either, actually sounding quite supercharged with the addition of organ and various other percussion instead of just plain stoned as, say, one commercially-huge bunch of Atlanta crows.

Vocalist/guitarist Michael Lincoln holds a splendidly pouty rasp down in those lungs, fully capable of cutting loose ala the Make-Up’s Ian Svenonious minus the pig squeals. Comparisons or none, 30 Lincoln delivers the rock ‘n’ roll goods, sealed with beads of sweat, waterproofing them from both mainstream-minded and purist-imposed conventions – guaranteed, Avanti is the r ‘n’ r sleeper of the year.

Johann’s Face Records, P.O. Box 479-164, Chicago, IL 60647

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