All That

All That

The Whop Boom Bam


New Orleans funk, with a sousaphone bottom. That should be enough to get you scampering to your local retailer (or to some online equivalent), but in case some of you aren’t processing the keywords, here’s a little more. A free-form eight-piece, featuring the trouser-crease sharp talents of drummer Derrick Freeman and sousaphone master Matt Perrine, two guitars, Hammond, and a three-piece horn section, All That radiates a powerful boogie ray that will have you stomping at the floorboards like an arachnophobe at a bayou lodge.

The opening riff of “Funk Wit Me” nails the record down. Eventually things segue into the instructional “Collegiate Dope Slinger,” the post-modern (and apparently typical) string of answering machine messages detailing gig disaster on “Los Hombres De F.I.A.S.C.O.” and the subsequent musical adaptation of same revolving woes. Nothing but a good time.

Rounder Records, 1 Camp St., Cambridge, MA 02140;

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