Anyway, I’ve Been There

Deep Elm

My mother used to say, “Patrick, you keep away from them there reckerds of the emotional variety. You know what I mean when I say — don’t you look at me that way! You know damn well that them emo reckerds always make you bawl like a baby.” How true momma was. This record is brought to us by the Deep Elm people who put out those compilations known as The Emo Diaries . For crying out loud (no pun intended), don’t put “Emo” in the title! Well, I liked those damn records and I like Camber, too. Anyway, I’ve Been There is full of bittersweet songs suitable for your first heartbreak. If you like your pretty parts with some noisy interludes, this is your stuff. These kids seem to like listening to those Sunny Day Real Estate records, but they don’t let it ruin their song-writing. Anyway, I’ve Been There has some rockers, too. If you take the sum of all these, the product is a good record to make-out to.

Deep Elm Records, P.O. Box 1965, New York, NY 10156

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