Nothing Left To Do But Die

Deary Me

What the hell is that in the Queen City Chili? Chalk moogsercize themselves into a lather, with a jagged chorus of distorted sine waves tromping all over the vegetable patch with a guitarist and drummer bent on equal destruction. Those who miss Brainiac will find some comfort in this, as will fans of Albini’s migraine-rock. Even when Chalk are at their most funereal, as in the subtle “Dirty,” it feels more like an uneasy Mid-Eastern peace rather than a respite from the aggressions.

This is the two in a Cincy one-two punch, one being sax-and-theremin combo Big Soap. If any of this has you thumbing through the shelves, grab Big Soap and Chalk for the full effect. Put mine on spaghetti!

Deary Me Records, P.O. Box 19315, Cincinnati, OH 45219;

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