Chet Atkins and Doc Watson

Chet Atkins and Doc Watson


Sugar Hill

This is a re-release of a 1980 recording featuring two of America’s premier guitar virtuosos. With the help of T. Michael Coleman on bass, Jerry Shook on rhythm guitar, and Terry McMillan on percussion, Doc and Chet dig up a handful of famous standards and obscure old gems that came from fond memories and associations that they have held onto over their many years. They hadn’t known each other long when they recorded this, so it shows how strong the bond of a common love of music can be. They sat in a hotel room one day talking, joking, and playing. The very next day, they put down the tracks to this record. Included among the “remembered songs” is a priceless, made-up-on-the-spot song titled “Me and Chet Made a Record.” They rarely made a bad one.

Sugar Hill Records, P.O. Box 55300, Durham, NC 27717-5300;

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