Second Path


Being a huge fan of early Haujobb and the first Cleen release, Second Path found a new place in my electro-beating heart. The album’s opener, “Sunburst,” opens the mind to new musical horizons by engulfing the listener in a world of expertly arranged electronic pulses and rhythms. “Freak” combines cool ambient textures with a hypnotic dance beat worthy of attention. “North” takes us into uncharted electro territories combining soothing ambient treatments with infectious rhythms. Dreamlike samples enter and exit the song at ideal moments bringing forth a sense of mystery. “Did You Forget,” the album’s revamped version of the original track found on Designed Memories , has been given stunning new life, full of intense energy and powerful beats. If this track does not cause complete anarchy on the dance floor, the club must be empty. It is obvious that the Cleen clan have amassed a great deal of programming and sound sculpting talents, truly setting new creative standards. Other digital gems include “Separate Live,” “Stronger,” and “Nightflight.” Take a virtual head-trip into an array of incredible electro creations as presented by Cleen on this stunning release.

Metropolis Records, P.O. Box 54307, Philadelphia, PA 19105;

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