Mess You Up

Last Beat

Darlington presents Christy Brigitte Darlington (guitar, vocals), Steven Visneau (drums, backups), Ron “The Ripper” Malippa (bass, backups). In “NASA (?) I would give anything for…” is the first track. “X-mas” is the second track. “Have a very merry X-mas” (repetitious chorus) “… and a Happy New Year,” an original melody about the old theme. “Cavalry Creep” is the third track. The chorus is repeated quite often, “I’m a Cavalry Creep.” “Five-O Fuck You” will not get past the FCC regulatory branch, but will give you a sneer and a jolt.

“I’m Going Natural” is the fourth track. It has the tightest melody and beat mixture so far. “Set You Up” has a great introduction; it might have originally been meant for the title track if the CD Mess You Up didn’t get messed up. “I Just Wanna Be Brain Dead” is a spoof on drug addiction and underworld culture.

“Time Warp” is a spoof on bubble gum music like Simple Simon; good kick back beat. It’s supposed to be a look back on the early ’60s, I suppose, when Pop music was stagnant. Let the Trekkies beware! In “Madeline,” “She sees a shrink three (3) times a week…another alternative U.S. freak.” This must have been inspired by Jagger/Richards’ “19th Nervous Breakdown,” but since the credits for this CD are miniscule, I can’t be sure why Last Beat Records was so hasty in releasing it. “Sugar Fix” delves into the brighter side of young people hanging out with each other.

“Holly” is the proverbial boy enchanted by a sophisticated acned blonde bombshell. Let her bloom. She’s making those rockers feel that they are “all screwed up.” A good line is “…it begins and ends with me.” In “Marcia Brady, baby your so cool” is a silly love song Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman punned but were never eschewed for it. There is a nice interplay with the lead guitar and bass. There is a slight resemblance to Eddie Cochran or the Who’s version of Summertime Blues. In Playmate the chorus is “I don’t want to play with myself; I wanna play with you.” Obviously we are very angry. Beehive is about a woman who flaunts the grunge look.

Jobless has the lines “can you help me forget about your world, can you help me find a way to be in you, girl. Can you help me find things that I’ve been searching for; can you help me find myself…it’s the littlest things that mean alot; not how much money you got.” Is that deep or what? 3:35 AM had these good lines, “friends can’t mend a broken heart and friends can’t hold on to you all night long” (and) “friends can’t take away a lonely night now” (part of the chorus). Butt-in-Ski with the chorus “1,2,3,4, I hate you??? no way, the song expresses the absurdity of relationships with the fairer sex (girls?) that try to turn you on (??).

Last Beat Records, 2819 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75226; http://www.lastbeatrecords.com

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