Death In Vegas

Death In Vegas

The Contino Sessions

Time Bomb/Concrete

The Contino Sessions is the follow-up to Death In Vegas’ 1997 debut, Dead Elvis . Their brand of “electronica” is a unique blend of sounds and vocals which, for the most part, is not meant for the dance club. The first track, “Dirge,” is a hypnotic mix of female chanting, hand claps, drums, and synthesized guitars that all build in intensity throughout the song. In contrast, “Soul Auctioneer” is a dark, haunting, Portishead-type track with spoken vocals courtesy of Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie. Several songs on the album, such as the guitar-heavy “Death Threat,” are surreal, instrumental experiments. Iggy Pop lends his voice to one of the more danceable numbers, “Aisha,” with its eclectic mix of drums, guitars, electronic noise, and Middle-eastern instruments. Overall, listening to The Contino Sessions is an adventure with enough musical variability and mood swings to keep the listener involved for the full 48 minutes.

Time Bomb Recordings, 225 Lafayette Street #1006, New York, NY 10012;

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