Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard

Come My Fanatics… / Electric Wizard

The Music Cartel

Saying Electric Wizard’s Come My Fanatics… / Electric Wizard double-CD set is overwhelming is the understatement to end all understatements. Available for the first time domestically, both doom-metal platters approximate the Richter scale-shattering pancake of Miami sludge-chuckers Floor in concert. With the utmost calculation, Electric Wizard slobbers thundering, slug’s pace ooze all over its eponymous debut and Come My Fanatics , but more so on the latter, the more coagulating and harshly sub-tuned of the two. Also on the latter, the drums seem to clatter away in some distant room, probably driven away in revulsion by the earthquaked guitar/bass onslaught, but along with Jus Osborn’s increasingly pained sneer, the record is that much better for it. And despite the “classic” status allotted to the band’s first album, Come My Fanatics stands much taller and blacker and, arguably, as the best full-force doom-mongering record of the ’90s — that is, next to Cathedral’s Forest of Equilibrium and Cavity’s Drowning , mind you. But remember to turn down your stereo’s bass at least halfway before listening to either record, or you’ll be buying yourself some new speakers.

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