Evils Toy

Evils Toy

Angels Only!


Having been fairly unimpressed by Evils Toy’s previous material, Angels Only! shattered all of my preconceptions into oblivion. The first track, “The Concrete Garden,” provides the ideal prelude for the massive electro onslaught that follows. The title track really brings the band’s high-energy synthesizer madness into the spotlight, combining catchy melodies and premier production. However, it is track three, entitled “Transparent Frequencies,” that sets a new standard in Electronic Body Music. A true masterpiece in electronic wizardry and programming, “Transparent Frequencies” is geared towards shaking up dance floors everywhere and providing unlimited bodily movement. Not only do Evils Toy emerge with glimmering music and melodies, they have managed to bridge the gap between EBM and synth-pop into a perfectly intertwined symphony. “Back on Earth” is a dance floor menace with enough solid passion and attitude to make drink glasses roll off the bar. Great attention has been given to melody and structure on every songs, including the album’s only instrumental track, entitled “Contact.” “From Above Comes Sleep” brings the band’s maturity and

songwriting talents into center ring while having enough unexpected changes to keep the listener gasping for air. And while most albums lose their impact towards the last track, “Colours Out of Space” reminds the listener that pressing the “repeat” button the CD player is a must! If you want to experience a true feast for the ears, Angels Only! is guaranteed to satisfy.

Metropolis Records, P.O. Box 54307, Philadelphia, PA 19105; http://www.metropolis-records.com

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