Four Hundred Years

Four Hundred Years

Transmit Failure


The same elements that impressed the hell out of me with their debut seven inch a few years ago are still present here, just further advanced and more finely tuned. Taut post-hardcore elements provide the foundation and basic direction of the music, but they weave so much more through it all. Quieter and cleaner, sometimes pretty parts hold their own before making way for more driving, tension-ridden, jagged melodies. Vocals alternate between sung and screamed, all with a somewhat yearning quality. Four Hundred Years write great songs, not just relying on energy and screaming to get them through it all. Yeah, there’s plenty of that, too, but it’s great that it’s within the context of some catchy, mature songs. An exciting band.

Lovitt Records, P.O. Box 248, Arlington, VA 22210

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