This CD, “for reference only,” is a soundtrack for Jem Cohen’s brilliant new film, Instrument . Included are some different versions of songs found on earlier CDs, as well as some instrumentals used as backdrops for the images in the movie. While this isn’t a fully realized new release by Fugazi, the material on this disc is very capable of being listened to and enjoyed by itself. Great moments include the Ian MacKaye piano song entitled “I’m So Tired,” and the waaaay moody demo of “Rend It.” The insert includes screen stills from the movie as well as the usual beauty and quality that hallmarks Fugazi releases.

Now let’s discuss. There are two types of Fugazi fans in the world. Type one likes Fugazi for its political stance and raise yer fist and yell anthems. Most of these tracks are instrumental, so this definitely isn’t for type one fans, although they might find something interesting here, and more power to them. I think this CD should go over well for people more into the experimental nature Fugazi has shown since day one, but which has only really reached fruition on recent releases. This would be, by my hypothesis, a type 2 fan. Go buy this CD and revel in it. Immerse yourself, embrace the music, and make it one with your self. Fans of June of ’44 or dub-style DC-core like Regulator Watts will also be pleased with this soundtrack — see above regarding type 2 fans.

I get a really funny mental picture when I listen to this CD. I picture one of the frozen in time punkers, a type 1, if you will, buying this CD. This guy remembers Fugazi from 1990, and decides to “give the new stuff a try.” Mr. PunkerGuy puts the new CD in expecting to hear “Waiting Room” part 2-19, and hears, well…this…He trades the CD and curses the band as sellouts. And as he bemoans the state of his ex-favorite band, the type 2 guy goes to his local used CD shop and gets his copy really cheap.

Dischord Records, 3819 Beecher St. NW, Washington, DC 20007; http://www.southern.com/dischord

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