June and the Exit Wounds

June and the Exit Wounds

“a little more Haven Hamilton, please”


Sometimes strange circumstances change my opinion of a record. I’d played “a little more Haven Hamilton, please” once through, and though I enjoyed its light pop overtones, I hadn’t really heard anything that held my attention.

Then disaster struck. Some sort of operating system conflict that was making me reboot the computer every couple of minutes. As I debugged that, the strains of “How Much I Really Love You” kept pouring out of the speakers as the CD-ROM automatically started “a little more Haven Hamilton, please” . After a while, I realized that I was actually quite hooked on the song, or I would have popped out that thing long ago.

June and the Exit Wounds’ sound can still be honestly described as light pop, the sort of stuff that screams “70s” when it comes on the radio. “How Much I Really Loved You” owes a big, big debt to the Beach Boys and their snaking pop chording, but it repays it most generously. Ten songs that unfold slowly and gracefully.

Parasol Records, 202 S. Lynn St., Urbana, IL 61801

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