E luxo so


Labradford records are so difficult to talk about in terms of individual songs, hooks, etc. I want to communicate in the same worldless ether where most of their work exists. But then I would be out of a job, wouldn’t I?

Each Labradford record becomes more distant and dignified in terms of songwriting, yet E luxo so is their most emotionally evocative work yet. Labradford have added a string section, dulcimer, and tape loops to augment guitar, bass, and keyboards. Labradford don’t even register on the post-rock, spectrum anymore, they’re too busy making end-of-the-century chamber music. No song titles, no verse-chorus-bridge-repeat, no hurry, only sound. Track One centers around an emotionless guitar pattern that slowly gives way to percussion pulses and keyboard blips. Track Two builds on a spidery drum track, with piano and guitar sections that echo empty landscapes and loss. Track Three is all piano and lush strings, it could

almost be gospel stripped down to the nth degree. Track Four consists of cavernous dub bass accompanied by a restrained dulcimer, which is perfect late night music for when you feel all fragile. Track Five is very film-music, in terms of structure and delivery. I almost sensed a narrative flow. Track Six breaks me down into little bits and pieces consistently with these weepy Portishead-ish keyboards and gentle percussion loops. E luxo so is the kind of record that people should obsess over.

Kranky Records, P.O. Box 578743, Chicago, IL 60657

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