Lund Calling. . .

Lund Calling. . .

Lund Records Sampler


Lund Records is located in the small college town of Lund, Sweden, and if this sampler is representative of the music scene there, it’s safe to say it’s only mediocre to good — definitely not great. I had a feeling that there would be some amazing find on this compilation, but instead, I’ve discovered a few bands that have promise, but none that have blown me away. Of course, the press packet makes the bands out to be things they are definitely not. For instance, Favorita is said to be “experimental,” when their music wouldn’t even stand out on a generic top 40 station. Damn!, a group that features DJs and live musicians, puts together some pretty cool party funk, and their somewhat amusing “Stinky, Stinky Ashtray” is supposedly a cult hit in some circles. The Mutts sound like Sweden’s answer to Cracker, which could be good or bad depending on where you stand. The Langhorns are a decent if unadventurous surf instrumental group. Their tasty licks would make good soundtrack music.

Poetized show the most promise by far. Their music is a nice mix of hip-hop and laid-back funk with some darker trip-hop sounds thrown into the balance. As for the Creeps, they need to start getting a lot creepier before I’ll want to waste any words describing them.

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