Mayor McCA

Mayor McCA

Welcome to McCALand

Sonic Unyon

This is weird. It doesn’t sound as weird as it actually is. The talents of CA (or McCA, or the Mayor) sound quite ordinary for being so fundamentally twisted. The first half of the album has plenty of musical turns and hairpins that you don’t notice that these songs are odes to window washers or misbehaving dogs, or have titles like “I’m so poor. Buy my CD.” or “You give me an ulcer.” You think you’re in pretty deep, but the second half plunges you into a dark, cold abyss. “Barfly” is a short operetta (“A Tragedy in 1/2 An Act”), eleven scenes/songs of Barfly (a most uncouth fly), his path of yearned love, learned manners, and an ending.

In all sorts of good ways, this reminds me of Bob Wiseman, in that whenever you try to concentrate on the lyrics, the music demands your attention and vice-versa. Where do I get a visa to McCALand?

Sonic Unyon, P.O. Box 57347, Jackson Station, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4X2 CANADA

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