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Here we have twelve tracks of cookie-cutter alterna-pop. The formula is there: strident passages interspersed with slow spots (thanks Nirvana), “honest” lyrics and singing, anonymous “alternative rock” instrumentation, “attitude.” Is this what we went through the Eighties for? Are we all destined to be given radio implants permanently tuned to the Buzz? Are Muzzle the closest thing I’ve heard to Seven Mary Styx?

Perhaps I’m being unfair. Muzzle certainly try to mix things up a little — song number five has some fiddle playing. I’m just so sick of the lukewarm music that’s popular at the moment. Everybody’s singing about how they feel when it sounds like they’re more worried about their hair. Can’t somebody sing a song about a riot or a can of paint? I’ll have to admit that “Drop the Needle” is not a bad song; Muzzle seem a good bit more awake on that one than on the rest of the album. If you’re still awake you might enjoy it. I dunno. Maybe you’d really like this, especially if you’re into Third Eye Playground or Matchbox Marcy.

Reprise Records, 75 Rockefeller Plaza, 21th Floor, New York, NY 10019

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