Punk’s Not Dead

Punk’s Not Dead

A Tribute to the Exploited


It takes some real nads to tackle a project like an Exploited tribute album, considering that Radical Records has access to some of the best genuine hardcore punk Exploited-influenced punk bands in the world. Nothing is cute on this album, as the Exploited would clearly not tolerate anything cute. I imagine messing with an Exploited song would earn one a quick boot to the head from Wattie.

The album covers the full ten-years plus’ worth of Exploited material from Punk’s Not Dead through The Massacre . Running through the who-does-what: Blanks 77 do “Punk’s Not Dead,” Dehumanized plays “Don’t Forget the Chaos,” Billyclub does “UK82,” the Bruisers do “SPG,” Road Rage plays “Alternative,” Nibtick Henbane play “Cop Cars” with a bit of “Sex and Violence,” US Chaos does “Fuck the USA,” Violent Society plays “I Hat You,” Squiggy plays “Fuck the Mods,” Last Year’s Youth plays “Army Life,” Abalenation do “Don’t Pay the Poll Tax,” I.C.U. Plays “Dead Cities,” the Cuffs do “Blown to Bits,” Last Call does “Dogs of War,” Special Duties play “Sid Vicious Was Innocent,” and Bomf! plays “Safe Below.” A great collection and a great tribute. If you’re a kid interested in what punk’s about, pick this up, study the liner notes, contact the bands — they pretty young, too! Ask them about playing real punk rock, learn from this!

Radical Records, 77 Bleeker Street, Suite C2-21, New York, NY 10012; http://www.radicalrecords.com

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