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Louis Philippe

A Kiss In The Funhouse

Le Grand Magistery

Years ago, when I was into the music of years ago, I would easily have dismissed A Kiss In The Funhouse as the inexplicable aping of that easy-listening pop crap everyone’s parents had spewing out of the console stereo. But in 1999, music with the coherence of Lupo the Butcher hacking apart the latest cut of beef dominates, and the delicate strains of people like Bacharach being idolized seems kinda nice. Louis Philippe delights in pansy pop as he softly tiptoes through these attentively arranged songs, almost two dozen of them. If you delight in gentle French-flavored swayings of croon and chorus, Louis Philippe is your man.

Le Grand Magistery, P. O. Box 611, Bloomfield, MI 48303;

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