Ritalin Riot

Ritalin Riot

Various Artists


Compilations are tricky things. Rarely do the tastes of the one putting it together correspond exactly with those of others, so there’s a lot of flipping through tracks. They’ve done all right with me on this one though — this is a pretty damn good comp. Lots of great punk rock bands. It isn’t until track 18, Ringworm, that my interests diverge, which is a nice long stretch of great compilation! There are only a couple other tracks on here I didn’t care for, but the ones I liked the very best were by Digger, Ann Beretta, Brand New Unit, At The Drive-In, The Tie That Binds, Panthro U.K. United 13, Swing Riot, The Impossibles, Dillinger Four, Clairmel, Hankshaw, Fun Size, and Discount. There are more, but those are my favorites. Three, maybe four duds out of 24 is very good. Recommended in spite of the cover art.

A.D.D. Records and Fanzine, 7309 N. Huntley Ave., Tampa, FL 33604

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