Secret Hate is Truth

Secret Hate is Truth

Vegetables Dancing + Live and More


Reissue of hitherto unknown to me 1983 hardcore punk album. Man, this band plays punk rock like they lived in the Long Beach (LB as opposed to LA) area in the early 1980s! Ho! They did. That explains it.

Ah! Here’s why they’re re-issuing the real thing: Sublime covered one of their songs (“The Ballad of Johnnie Butt”).

Well, good! It’s high time genuine out-of-control backyard and garage punk bands had their due! In truth, this takes me back to a time when punk rock record covers all had the “Xeroxed hand-drawn fanzine” look to them — a sure sign of raw, intensive punk rock music inside. The cover drawing of anthropomorphic vegetables slam-dancing into each other was a dead give away…

Dig this, from “Frenchies Machine Shop”: “All my friends are going down fast. / Too many enemies/ I can’t kick ass. / My heads kicked in and I’m in the dirt/ Seeing white flashes and the blood on my shirt.”

I wonder what caused that to be put to song? A great for-real punk album for all you aspiring punks and/or collectors of the right-before-CD era. Thanks for giving me this little gem, Gail!

Skunk Records, 6285 Spring St 234, Long Beach, CA 90808;

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