Shanti Collection

Shanti Collection

Various Artists


I often shy away from compilations. Too often, the better recordings are sandwiched between lesser cuts that spoil the whole affair. However, it was with a pleasant surprise that I was referred to this project. Almost all the cuts are wonderful. The bands on this release include Red House Painters, Low, Idaho, Hayden, and Misc. This is of extreme importance for fans of the Red House Painters. Although that band has a retrospective due out soon on 4AD, this recording is a nice teaser. The Red House Painters contribute two new cuts and two covers (by Yes and Neil Young). However, that is not all. Low contributes three previously released cuts to the mix. Idaho makes a pleasant contribution with a new track and an unreleased track. The mood remains decidedly low key throughout but often dreamy (how else to describe a compilation with both Low and Red House Painters?) and is a nice aural retreat on humid Florida days. In addition, proceeds from this disc benefit the Shanti Project, a San Francisco agency assisting individuals that are HIV positive.

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