Solitude Aeturnus

Solitude Aeturnus



This is the type of metal my older brother probably listened to when

he was 15, but with better production. Old school power metal with sung vocals, something today’s heavy metal youth needs to comprehend. A quick precursory listen brings me back to the days of leather pants and Harleys (so what if I was only 4 at the time!) but without the big hair cheese of many older acts of the day. I was never really into this power metal style, but Adagio is slowly growing on me. Heavy, powerful, melodic, and a hint doomy, this isn’t the album to get the kids hooked onto your Maiden collection, but it is a sign that old school powerful metal isn’t dead in this Korn on the Kob infested society.

Olympic Recordings, P.O. Box 7217, Elgin, IL 60121-7217;

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