Soul II Soul

Soul II Soul

Club Classics–Vol. One, 10th Anniversary Edition

Virgin Records

When Soul II Soul hit the scene in 1989, their unique fusion of reggae, jazz, rap, hip-hop and Caribbean rhythms were the sound that became the precursor to collectives like Massive Attack and the Acid Jazz “movement.” Soul and groove had not come together so smoothly and well received in years. It was only natural their hometown London clubs picked up on tunes like “Back to Life” and made them mainstream hits that endure today.

This re-release signifies the impact Jazzie B & Co. made on music. Everything from soul to modern dub can throw some props at Soul II Soul. The disc features several remixes, dubs, and even a cappella versions of the original Club Classics . Of course, “Keep on Movin” and “Back to Life” lead the way, with several translations of each.

If you haven’t yet experienced the vibe that is Soul II Soul, I would say you’re ten years too late. Thankfully, Virgin Records is giving everyone a second chance to check out an important release in the evolution of all things smooth and groovy.

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