The Boom

The Boom

Any Day of the Night


This CD has ex-members of Hoover and the Crownhate Ruin. This may mean something to you, but it means nothing to me. What DOES mean something to me, is the fact that this CD tears it up. Mathy type rock with HORNS. That’s right, horns, and they manage to neither swing nor do-whatever-it-is-that-those-ska-cats-do. Instead of the standard math rock jangly guitars playing against the ever-shifting drums, the horns carry the melody, while the rhythm shimmies and shakes underneath. “Sacrifices” slides in some abstract fusion-y textures, while “Biloxi Sidewalk” drops the funk. Crime-jazz style horns appear on “Honey in a Biscuit.” If anything, these guys remind me of Briggan Krauss’s 300, with the sense of playfulness within the music. Nice.

Slowdime Records, P.O. Box 414, Arlington, VA 22210

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