The Chubbies

The Chubbies

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Sympathy for the Record Industry

Eeeew! Extremely syrupy, drippy, girly power pop. All the songs are about “girl” things like verbal cat fights, being a guy’s girlfriend, feeling happy because I’m me, and being a “Suburban Rock Doll.” If you can take it, the bitchin’ guitar is really addicting, and since I’m a sucker for all-girl punk bands, I had to listen at least twenty times. Men: it’s important to study the lyrics to the Chubbies’ songs, very important. Mainly because they reveal what’s inside a woman’s head. For instance, “Tightrope” is one of those sappy “relationship” songs from a girl’s point of view. And guess what? They think differently than us guys. Listen and be prepared.

Sympathy For The Record Industry, 4450 N. California Pl. #303, Long Beach, CA 90807;

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