The Ernies

The Ernies

Meson Ray


While you can’t go wrong with scratching, the Ernies don’t have much else going for them. Holdovers from the “mixing rap and heavy metal” school, ala Rage Against the Machine, the Ernies seem to lack musical direction, or even something to write about. Most notably, “Polarized,” with it’s repetitious non sequitur lyrics (“somewhere down the block/a man is screaming/ a car is accelerating/and somewhere downtown an empty elevator opens and closes”) just for the sake of being non-sequitur. The tracks milk a droning guitar, an out of place saxophone, and spoken word delivery for a bland collection of songs that don’t seem to go anywhere except around, like a mouse caught in a jar too caught up in its own frenzy to think about how to get out.

Mojo Records, 1453 14th St., Box 284, Santa Monica, CA 90404;

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