The Gravel Pit

The Gravel Pit

Silver Gorilla

Q Division

I saw these guys open for They Might Be Giants a few years ago, and despite being pretty much bored by their performance, I figured I’d give their record a shot. What a mistake. The music’s serviceable enough — pleasant, early ’60s flavored garage pop — but the vocals make the damn thing almost unlistenable. Singer Connecticut Jed Parish sounds like he spent the entire recording session with his head submerged in a bucket of water. His vocals are muddy and muffled, resulting in the aural equivalent of oatmeal. He has no range, no dynamic, and frankly, he’s annoying. If I could digitally remove the vocals, I might find a decent record underneath, but since I can’t, I won’t be torturing myself with this any longer, and unless you’ve got the equipment at home to do this, I recommend you do the same.

Q Division Records, 443 Albany St., Boston, MA ;

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