The Judas Factor

The Judas Factor

Ballads in Blue China


A howling, rabid beast the Judas Factor is, Ballads in Blue China being the tiny cage from which it tirelessly attempts to lash out from. The band’s debut album breathlessly races from beginning to end, little amongst its grooves offering a quiet respite from the cathartic wailing, each minute of the entire thirty as grotesque (in the non-pejorative sense) as the next. Heavy, discordant guitars sending violence in all directions, The Judas Factor pummels over and over to the point of exhaustion, approximating what Cable (U.S.) would sound like on amphetamines. Few descriptions can do the band’s album justice — whatever it is that lurks inside the band’s bellies, the Judas Factor channels it into an ugly hate machine. Metal or otherwise, Ballads of Blue China stands as the most soul-searing record thus far in 1999 — be very afraid.

Revelation Records, P.O. Box 5232, Huntington Beach, CA 92615;

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