The Monsignors

The Monsignors

Are You There God? It’s Us, the Monsignors


Despite the fact the “concept” and cover “art” of this CD sent ripples of aversion through me (on the CD itself is a picture of some fat slob in drag clutching a stuffed bunny, reading a box of Playtex. Apparently tampons are funny, although I doubt the young “men” in the Monsignors have even seen a tampon, much less know which end to use.) I decided to go ahead and give it a listen, figuring everything deserves at least a fair chance. If it was bad, I could take them to task for raping Judy Blume’s celebrated novel and feel justified. If it was good, I’d still take them to task, but I would also give credit to the positive things on the CD. So I listened. And I realized.

This is worse than bad, it’s boring.

It isn’t funny. It isn’t silly. It isn’t even bad enough to be good. It’s just a pathetic and sad collection of lackluster punk with strangled horns. Someone’s parents have too much money.

Harmless Records, 1437 W. Hood, Chicago, IL 60660;¶Dry Hump Recordings

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