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The Neanderthals

The Modern Stone Age Family (Sundazed). Review by Michael Crown

The Neanderthals

The Modern Stone Age Family


The first time I popped this in the player, I thought to myself “My, these guys definitely have the big monkey beat and those are some of the finest cheesy-twang guitar tones I’ve heard since the Mesozoic. This band is stone-age funky!” Imagine my delight to see that Eddie Angel (former Los Straitjackets) was the man with the ax. Almost every song on here is some kind of dance. I’d give my finest sabre-tooth tiger fur to be at party with these guys doing the “Lurch,” the “Toe Rag Twitch,” the “Flintstone Flop,” the “Neandertahl Twist,” or my favorite, “Do The Pig.” Here’s how you do it: “You rest your hands on your hips. Then you wiggle to the right with a skip. Wiggle left, wiggle right, baby shake your wig, then dig this dance I call the pig!” The Neanderthals are party/dance music of the finest variety. Put this on at your next get together and rock the cave!

Sundazed Music Inc., P.O. Box 85, Coxsackie, NY 12051;

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