The Pastels

The Pastels



The Pastels music is remixed by Cornelius, Stereolab, Cinema, John McEntire (both with versions of “Remote Climbs”), Future Pilot AKA, and Mouse On Mars, among others — sixteen total tracks. Several other tracks also receive multiple attempts.

Okay, I admit I didn’t know who the Pastels were before hearing this. Actually, I still don’t, but I’m certainly going to have to find out. There’s a rich palette of music in here, and it must stem from something worthwhile. And I suppose I should admit I’ve never heard of most of the remixers, but after several earections, I’ll have be sniffing my way down their trail soon as well.

My Bloody Valentine’s whirling squeezy dervish goes into a modern soundtrack-sounding groove by Kid Loco (“The Viaduct”). Later some innocent soft and gentle vocals arrive. A light intrigue is maintained as we flow from one spacey pitstop to the next, each with it’s own specialty. Illuminati is not a spaghetti western, but a pasta space flick.

There must be something from everything in here, with unusual blends, stylistic flairs, changing frantically from lush to frantic and smoothly from manic to smooth. It’s better formed, more solid and pointed than just background soundtrack music, but never too demanding or intense.

Up Records, P.O. Box 21328, Seattle, WA 98111-3328

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