I Could Lose


Those who remember Rosewater Elizabeth will recognize Melissa Mileski’s well-sung vocals immediately — beautiful, strong, shimmering. After that, the comparisons are a bit harder to come by. Underwater’s approach to music is more electronic-based, with layers of atmospheres and sounds beautifully woven together. There are definitely ethereal tendencies, resulting in songs which drift about in a haze guided by golden vocals, but these are propelled by solid electronic dance beats underneath. Not all are beat-heavy, but that is an element that they have worked successfully into their some of their songs. Others let the lush, fluid melodies unfold at a slower pace without the dance element. The songs are crafted well and succeed with either approach. There are some talented people in this band and it’s good to see they are staying active musically. This is a very good album and I’m looking forward to hearing more.

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