Meat Cake #9

Meat Cake #9

by Dame Darcy


Whew! Three months have passed, and I finally have a new copy of Dame Darcy’s Meat Cake . For the two or three out there not down with Dame Darcy, she’s the Queen of cool and a real renaissance girl. She can list herself as a comic artist, illustrator, doll maker, palm reader, musician, animator, and actress. Her work as appeared in too many cool things to list here. Meat Cake is her comic book that is like no other. It is full of slightly creepy, wonderful little tales drawn in her beautiful Victorian style. This issue has stories about zombie sisters, cat placenta, and a story written by Alan Moore, the comic biz biggie who will always have a place in my heart for bringing the world Halo Jones. Meat Cake is a wonderful book that breaks the standard comic mold, and reminds us what comics can be. It is also a wonderful place to get started on your Dame Darcy fetish.

Fantagraphics Books, 7563 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115;

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