The Ultimate Internet Outlaw

The Ultimate Internet Outlaw

by Robert Merkle

Paladin Press 1999

More neato stuff from Robert, who also wrote The Ultimate Internet Terrorist , also from Paladin Press. Paladin puts out some really good stuff and this little book certainly applies.

If you’ve got a computer in your life somewhere (don’t necessarily have to be at home, mind you), you probably want to read both of these books. And if you frequent the Internet, you MUST read these books. Unless you’re a member of Lopht Heavy Industries or something. In which case, maybe YOU should write a book, too. Hell, RM can’t have all the fun, can he?

Merkle writes with a deliciously sardonic style that makes for thoroughly enjoyable reading. The fact that he’s clueing you into all sorts of weird-ass sneaky stuff creeping into your life over the phone wires only makes it better. MUCH better.

I’m not gonna go into all the grisly details of exactly what RM is trying to share with you in his little book, that’s HIS job. And he does it quite well, thank you. The fact that the cyberlandscape is constantly morphing from one deranged mutant form into another without rhyme, reason, or end, gives me much solace. That means that RM is gonna have to keep writing a new book every so often just to keep us up with the latest goofball shit on the net. I’m looking forward to each new installment with glee in my heart.

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