I just received the Writer’s Guidelines, etc., for Ink 19. I find it somewhat hard to believe that you guys ask for exclusivity in your region without even offering any compensation for contributing writers. We started Ninevolt on a dime budget and still manage to pay writers for articles and photographers for images. And from the looks of your publication, it appears that there certainly is ad revenue coming in.

Not that I’m trying to be condescending, but as a fellow member of the BAM Network, I think all magazines should pay their writers. Or you end up with bad composition. I’ll leave it at that.

Have a great weekend. No bad intentions meant and hopefully none taken.

• •

Ian Koss Responds : Golly, Bonn — we seem to be doing fine even after eight years of this despicable practice, and I must say that it’s been nearly nine months since we had to use the tin buckets and cattle prods to get a story out of a writer. The consensus around here is that our staff is into doing this for a very pure reason: the love of the Ink Nineteen t-shirts we dangle before them as a potential bonus.

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