Ani DiFranco & Utah Phillips

Ani DiFranco & Utah Phillips

Fellow Workers

Righteous Babe

The indie queen of Buffalo, NY is back, with Utah Phillips, the maverick spoken word artist. The concept of combining music and spoken word pieces is nothing new, just not done a great deal, and recently not done very well. The exception is the two collaborations between DiFranco and Phillips. The most recent of the words and music records is Fellow Workers , a title born from the olden days of socialist rallies where the crowds were addressed as fellow workers. Much of Phillips material on this record has to do with work and hardship. Stories from an earlier time yet still relevant today. Phillips is unashamedly leftist — this is not likely to be on Rush Limbaugh’s top ten any time soon. DiFranco’s music moves the stories along, giving them a soundtrack without ever attempting to drown the words.

Righteous Babe Records, P.O. Box 95, Ellicott Station, Buffalo, NY 14205

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