A New Kind of Army

Go Kart

Straight up 1, 2, 3, 4 punk rock by these Pittsburghians. That doesn’t mean it ain’t good though. The singer has a kinda AFI snotty twang in his voice. Some Violent Society (other side of Pennsylvania) influence in there, too.

Political lyrics about stuff like changing the world, right? Hey, how can you come down on that? One observation, these are some non-drinking kids, which might explain why they are so pissed. Huh, that’s probably why I’m so pissed too. I guess I should start drinking. Oh, to explain the title of the album: the New Army will be formed of people who are, “too smart to fight (and) too smart to kill.” If you agree with the politics or like your punk rock with some sneers, then get it and Rock On.

Go Kart Records, P.O. Box 20, Prince St. Station, New York, NY 10012

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