City of Prague Philharmonic

City of Prague Philharmonic

Close Encounters: The Essential John William Film Music Collection

Silva Screen

Film music, both incidental and opening/closing themes, has always been a favorite of mine in both its utility (think radio background music) and the ability to keep the film going in the mind’s eye. John Williams is responsible for some of the most important, both concerning the box office as well as epic, film scores in the latter half of the twentieth century. Who can forget the eerie Jaws music? Man, it’s enough to cause an involuntary bowel movement in the hardest of men! And what about the high adventure of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ? Or how about the Superman , Towering Inferno , and Black Sunday themes? Nothing like a bit of epic film music to start the day off right, no?

Did I mention that there’s an entire suite devoted to the first three Star Wars films?

In additional there’s the interesting adventurous music from Hook . Judging from the music, was the movie any good? Sounds like it was chock full of sword fights to me, based on William’s compositions. There’s also a smattering of Saving Private Ryan , Schindler’s List , Born on the Forth of July , and JFK .

I recommend Close Encounters for all fans of John Williams’ work.

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