Despise You

Despise You

West Side Horizons


Despise You blast and thrash through sixty-two songs of fast hardcore brutality, clocking in at under 44 minutes. Full-throttle momentum that makes you want to move, dammit, kept interesting by great breaks. It’s hard not to thrash about in my car and scream along to the patches of discernible lyrics. Thank goodness for cruise control.

A lot of these are tracks are comps and seven inches, but they’ve tucked sixteen unreleased songs on here to make this more than complete. There are sixty-two songs on here in all, which could have spelled overkill, but there’s no stopping Despise You’s momentum. As a result I tend to listen to this as a whole rather than skipping through, which I think says a lot.

Pessimer Records, P.O. Box 1070, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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